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Do 30,000+ single-target DPS, double the effectiveness of your healing & tanking by “copying & pasting” our proven build templates. We have tons of builds for all classes and playstyles! (Updated Weekly!)


Having an optimized build often makes the difference between a bad player and a great player!

Players without a perfected build often find it hard to take down a group of mobs while leveling, get owned in PvP, and are dead weight in PvE dungeons and trials.

Our team of top ESO players are constantly testing and developing perfected builds for our guides. To figure out the best combo of stats, skills, set bonuses, champion points, ect for each build takes many hours of testing.

With our build templates you will be one of the best ESO players without having to waste tons of time figuring out the perfect build for your character. You can just copy our already proven builds and just enjoy playing the game knowing your character is performing at its maximum potential.

Why not just use builds I can find that other players posted on ESO websites and forums?

Most of the builds you will find around the internet and posted on forums are either out of date or just flat out not effective. Using random builds you find also means you most likely will have to use a playstyle you don’t enjoy.

We have a full package of up to date optimized builds for all classes and playstyles this way you can play ESO the way you want instead of just playing the way someone else does. So stop wasting hours of your time researching outdated, ineffective builds!

We have builds for players at all experience levels–from beginners just starting out to ESO pros!

Whether you’re a beginner still leveling from 1-50, farming up champion points, or a seasoned player looking to increase your performance in end game content we’ve got builds for you!

Using our character builds is as simple as picking a build you want to use then just follow the steps we give you for using that build for your character. Our guides are extremely detailed; we even show you how and when to use each ability in that build so you can use it to its full potential.

Here are Two Screenshots of the Amazing Results Our Leveling Guides Achieve...

(21,250 DPS with 300 champion points and non-optimal gear)

(30,000+ DPS with 780 champion points and non-optimal gear)

Success Stories From Our Members…

“I used to have trouble keeping my group alive in dungeons. I thought it was just because I was a sorcerer and not a templar. After I got the ESO Character Builds Guide I setup one of their sorcerer healing builds and now when I am the healer no one in my group even comes close to dying. The builds guide really helped me learn how to play my sorcerer so much better, I’m also using the magicka based DPS build and I’m doing at least 22k DPS on most boss fights.”

Myestyas, Sorcerer

“Having to fight big packs on mobs when leveling by myself used to be a problem for me, I would get so frustrated every time I died. So I decided to try the solo leveling builds in the Mastery Guides and I have not died since, fighting 4-5 mobs at once doesn’t give me any problems anymore. Also the AoE grinding builds work really good but it’s much faster to level by questing if you get the leveling guides as well.”

Althimus, Templar

“I was one of those people that had a hard time in Cyrodiil. I was never really good at PvP in any game I played. After I started using ESO Mastery Guide’s PvP builds for my nightblade and dragonknight not only did I start doing well in PvP but I started to really have fun because I wasn’t just getting owned all the time anymore. The guide also had a ton of helpful info that made me into a much better PvPer.”

Peeves, Nightblade & Dragonknight

“I used to get all my builds from various ESO sites and forums. They were pretty good but I was having a lot of trouble with end game content. I was not able to tank well enough because I was taking way to much damage and when I would DPS I would only be doing 14k-16k and holding the group back. After I started using the ESO Mastery builds it was like night and day, I took half as much damage when tanking and I do 24k-28k DPS now.”

Nautilos, Dragonknight

Break Down of Our Character Build Guides & Templates...

  • We have a separate builds guide for each class (Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Templar & Warden)
  • We have many different types of builds for PvP, Dungenons, Trials, & Solo Leveling
  • We have many variations for each build using all weapons, armor types, and playstyles.
  • We break down everything you need to get (Attribute Points, Enchants, Traits, Skill Points, Set Bonuses, Mundus Stones, Champion Points, Weapons, & Armor Types)
  • We give you the best skill rotations to use with your build and other useful tips on how to maximize the builds potetial.
  • We update our builds and guiedes after every major patch so you can always be using the best builds possible
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