ESO Mastery Guides – Affiliate Program

How Does It Work?

  • You send us visitors from your website, blog, youtube videos, or live stream channel using your own custom affiliate link
  • Clickbank keeps track of every visitor you send and pay you out 60% commission for every dollar your visitors spend on our website
  • Every week Clickbank sends you a payment for all the sales you sent to our website
  • You can signup for a Clickbank account to get started today or if you already have an account just replace “affiliateid” with your Clickbank user name to create your affiliate link:

Affiliate Landing Page Links

You can now directly link to any of our products pages instead of to the home page, which will increase your conversion rates. Here is how to setup your affiliate hoplink:

Replace “YOURCBID” with your Clickbank Nickname


Replace “product” with which product page you want to link to:

Leveling Guides Page = leveling

Character Builds Page = builds

Gold Making Page = gold

Example Link:

You can also link to some of our blog content pages:

Hoplink Parameters: ?rd=nightblade

Hoplink Parameters: ?rd=sorcerer

Hoplink Parameters: ?rd=dragonknight

Hoplink Parameters: ?rd=templar

Affiliate Graphics

Right-click the graphics you want to use then click “Save Image As…” you can also use any graphics you find on our website.