The Elder Scrolls Online – Bosmer (Wood Elf) Racial Skills


Faction: The Aldmeri Dominion

Allies: Khajiit and Altmer

Homeland: Valenwood

Also referred to as Wood Elves due to their choice of homeland, the Bosmer are regarded to be light of foot and quick of hand. They are similar in appearance to other elves, but they are much sorter in stature. This makes them faster, in general, and more difficult to catch. They can be recognized by their darker complexions.

The Bosmer are a bit more unruly, compared to the highly sophisticated High Elves (Altmer). They are known thieves, and they prefer wooded areas to civilized villages. They are highly skilled archers, due to the area they live in and their need to hunt for food. They also have a remarkably high resistance to poison.

Due to their religion, they may come off as rather savage – they are known cannibals and highly carnivorous; a result of what is known as the Green Pact which forms the basis of their beliefs. The Green Pact also requires them to import lumber from other regions, as the trees of Valenwood are regarded as sacred.


History of the Bosmer Race

It is widely known that the Bosmer are distant relatives of both the Dark and High Elves (Dunmer and Altmer). It is presumed that they formed one of the tribes that originally left the Summerset Isle (populated by the Altmer) after relations with fellow tribes became strained. The particulars of the split are unclear, and there seems to be an air of secrecy surrounding this monumental event that would lead to the establishment of various, Elven-based, races in Tamriel. However, it is rumored that the original tribe sought a less dictated, freer society, resulting in the rejection of conventional Altmer systems and beliefs.

After the split, the Bosmer eventually settled in the south-western end of Skyrim, occupying the province of Valenwood. Here, they formed their own religion and ways of doing things. Their culture is much more of a free one than the other Elven races and they have a slightly youthful demeanor because of this.


Racial Skills & Abilities

In The Elder Scrolls Online, The Bosmer are gifted with extremely powerful archery and stealth racial passive skills. You should consider choosing to play as a Bosmer Wood Elf in ESO if you plan on playing an archer or any type of stealth character like a rouge.

  • [Passive] Archery Expertise (1 Rank) – Increase XP gain with the Bow skill line by 15%
  • [Passive] Vigor (3 Ranks) – Increase Stamina recovery while in combat by 3%
  • [Passive] Resist Affliction (3 Ranks) – Increase poison and disease resistance by 7, Max Stamina increased by 1%
  • [Passive] Stealthy (3 Ranks) – Increases Stealth radius by 1 meter, Increases damage done while stealthed by 3%

The Bosmer make excellent thieves and archers. They are quick and very stealthy hunters. Their unruliness can be seen as a negative, but their intelligence and agility make up for this. They are dark-skinned and the shortest of all races in Tamriel. Though their religious standpoints may distance them from others, their knowledge and love of nature make them fantastic allies, as they have an advantage in the forests that others do not.

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